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Things you may or may not know about Indonesia

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Nemu postingan orang asing tentang indonesia, menurutnya indonesia tuh kayak tulisannya dibawah ini 😀 menurut kalian benar ga sih tulisan ini ? bagiku tulisan ini ga sepenuhnya benar 😀

#1 Indonesian women are obsessed with whitening creams. They have a wide selection of face creams, body lotions and God knows what other cosmetics that should make them white. Some of those creams are ….ineffective/ crap/ waste of money and others consist of strong chemicals that bleach the skin. That leads to the girl’s face being ghostly white or covered with white spots, while the rest of her body is dark. They usually use three tones lighter powder or du fond de teint, which stays on their face like a thick paste. It reminds me of the geisha’s in 1800s, just not as pretty and kind of scary. When my mother came to visit me she pulled me aside after the first week of her stay and asked me what kind of disease/ syndrome is that? Almost every woman looks like Michel Jackson in here.

#2 Indonesian people believe air comes inside their bodies through small holes in their skins, which leads to bloating and gas. They have a wide selection of oils , over the counter medicines and special drinks to help them get rid of that air. This condition is called ‘’masuk angin’’ in the local language, with ‘’masuk’’ meaning enter and ‘’angin’’ meaning wind. This condition has no medical explanation, yet even the most educated doctor in here will swear on his life that this condition DOES exist.

Ex: You get masuk angin if you are naked.

Ex. If you ride a motorcycle without a jacket you will get masuk angin.

Ex. If you go out in the night you get masuk angin.

Oh and by the way, I never got it.

#3  Speaking of night, did you know that all demons and goblins come out in Friday night ,after the “Adzan Magrib”? FIY “Adzan Magrib” is the late afternoon prayer for the Muslim population around 6PM. It’s considered that if you go out after the prayer all the demons will follow you. The only protection is rubbing yourself with a local fruit, which doesn’t have an English name just as if you would rub yourself with garlic to protect yourself from a vampire. They still keep a strong faith in this, incorporating it into the era we are currently living in. For example if you ride your motorcycle, the demons can’t catch you. I guess cardio is not a priority in Hell.

#4 Have you ever been to Indonesian mall? If you are about to go in there for a first time bring a First Aid Kit. Indonesian girls love high heels and wedges. The problem is they can’t walk in them at all. So you are either going to get stuck between a crawling group of girls, holding on to each other to keep balance or you are going to have to lift them up from their fall.

#5 Indonesians LOVE food. I haven’t seen a nation with more foodies than here. Yet their menu is quite limited. Most (like 99%) of Indonesian food is deep fried. But if you deep fry your chicken for 3 minutes with 3 table spoons of oil, they deep fry for 15 minutes and with 3 mugs of oil. The result, of course, is oily and tasteless. So they dip or mix their food with spicy sauce at all cause. Even if you order McDonalds, they will put spicy sauce, not ketchup. Their spicy sauce varies depending on the place and people who make it. It could be mild and kind of sweetish to burning like Satan and all his minions, leaving no taste buds behind.

#6 Ketchup. How hard is it to make ketchup? Well in here they make it, but call it “Tomato sauce”. So what’s inside their ketchup? Black sugar. It’s black sugar sauce. They put black sugar sauce on everything- chicken, beef, and vegetables. Here you raise a sceptic eyebrow, thinking about the last sweet and sour meal you had at the local Chinese takeout. Not that sweet. Like “I’ll give you diabetes after two bites “sweet. As for their sweets (cakes, muffins etc.) they are so over salted, it’s bitter.

#7 Weddings are events of a life time. The minimum cost exceeds $300 000. The usual count of guests is 1000 or 1500. All this in a country, where people get $200 (if they are lucky) per month. The children dip into their parents’ savings (well not dip, more like inhale) , because in here you paying for your own wedding is something unheard of. After the one day party, they move in with their parents and live in misery, since they wasted all money. Then they have children and complain that they can’t afford to buy them milk, toys or afford their education. They can’t afford to have their own place, so they wait, patiently for the parents to pass away, so they can take their house. Also their wedding ceremony is not enjoyable. When I was talking about not inviting people I don’t like to my wedding or enjoying the process, people were looking at me in amazement, saying “But this is your wedding, it’s not for enjoying”. They also never go on a honeymoon or even vacations, since, yeah, they have no money for it.

A "street", where people live

#8 Their architecture is confusing.  All of their old buildings and roads (the ones before 1945 ) were designed by the Dutch, so they are just like any other building or street you know. When left alone, Indonesians designed big houses, but so… not proportional and their rooms are uncomfortable and unpractical. They also have the habit of filling them up with furniture to the point where there is just a small path to walk on, not bigger than 10cm (3 inches). Their roads in the old neighborhoods are not more than 50-60cm.(19-20 inches). Two people can’t pass each other in there. They also have a passion for driving their 4×4 cars on on the bigger ones (1m-1,50m/39-59 inches), blocking the entire traffic . New neighborhoods consist of “minimalist” houses, which are not proportional even more than old houses and 21 sq.m (226 sq.f.)  and  45 sq.m (484 sq.f) is considered big. Same size as your garage.They also like to put bars on their windows and doors, which turns it into a jail room with a homey feeling. And this 45sq.m.(484sq.f.)  jail house goes on the market for about $300 000 to $1 000 000, depending on the location.

#9 Indonesians don’t use trash cans. They just throw their trash around them, gathering it on rotting piles near their houses, where their children play. When you ask them about it they gang up in righteous anger, saying that they didn’t do it and they don’t like it. Others, more pacifistic ones, admit “Well, this is Indonesia” and move on, swimming through their garbage. I wrote a long post a couple of weeks ago about it.

#10 They have Chinese Indonesian, called “Chindo”. They are mostly Christian. They live seperate. When the Dutch were still holding Indonesia as a colony they proclaimed themselves 1st class, Chinese 2nd and Indonesian 3rd (they weren’t even allowed to have education). Local Indonesian really dislike them and had one or two moments in the (not-so-old) history where they hunt them down like animals and kill them. The second president of Indonesia,Suharto, who was somewhat of a dictator forced them to have 2 names- one chinese and one Indonesian. The poor Chinese are still confused about the name freedom and they started using Western names, but they misspeled them really funny. So now Indonesia is full of people called Kornelius Kurnia, Ashliii Yohana Widjadja, Vinsentus Maikal Purwadjadja or something similar.

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2 Responses
  • daniel
    February 27, 2014

    Penulis yang sotoy

  • Daisy
    March 23, 2014

    well, I’m Indonesian and I feel it was offensive.
    #1 Actually I have tan skin, or you may call it BLACK skin. I take beauty treatments but I don’t get the ‘GOSH SKIN’ you wrote, I LOVE my Indonesian skin, tbh.
    #3 I want to ask you, where the hell are you living? I don’t even believe about it. Yeah some people believe it but not ALL of Indonesian, please -____-
    #4 I don’t like heels or wedges, a lot of girls doesn’t like it too.
    #5 the spicy thing you said called “sambal” and it’s traditional food, don’t judge it like that dude because I, personally, really like that ‘spicy thing’. I don’t know where you come from, but I’m sure you have your traditional that not everyone from another country will like it.
    #6 It wasn’t ketchup, but ‘kecap’, we have different word and meaning about it. Hah!
    #7 You know Indonesian people is really friendly and humble, so when we have happiness we want to share it with as much as we can. Some of our people sometimes celebrate it in too much way but I don’t like the part when you wrote that we ‘waiting our parents pass away then take the house’, no we don’t like that, or at least I’m not.
    #9 Most of our people doin’ that, sorry. we have to change honestly

    well, the most I don’t like is #1 point, I’m girl and it was irritated me because I’m not.


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